Wikitude SDK

Wikitude SDK comes pre-packaged including the JavaScript API, Offline Documentation, Tools, Wikitude 3D Encoder and tools for generating videos with alpha channel.

  Android iOS Epson Moverio Google Glass Vuzix
Version 3.3
Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes
Size 164.4 MB 168.8 MB 169.1 MB 133.3 MB 166.1 MB


The free trial version of the Wikitude SDK is feature complete and fully functional but includes a watermark in the camera view. Commercial licenses are available to remove the watermark (see pricing plan).
Please contact us for a version of the Wikitude SDK for BlackBerry 10.

Publish in Wikitude app

Download this Tools package separately if you want create a World and publish it in the Wikitude App.


Extensions let you use the Wikitude SDK in frameworks and other IDEs. Download the extenstions here and check the documentation on how to get started.

  PhoneGap Titanium
Version of Extension 3.3.0-2.0.0
Size 35.1MB 26.0MB

Wikitude 3D Encoder

The Wikitude 3D Encoder for Windows and Mac OS X is a desktop tool to convert FBX and Collada files into .wt3 files which can be used in Wikitude.

  Mac OS X Windows
Version 1.0.273
Size 23.0MB 24.1MB